Monday, November 26, 2012

Forum West: Rare German Jazz From 1962-68

The Sonar Kollektiv label, which was established by the Berlin DJ and producer team Jazzanova, has released a number of notable European jazz compilations over the past 10 years. In 2004, the label put out one of it's finest releases in Forum West, which featured a great selection of modern jazz gems that came out of West Germany during the sixties. This compilation, which is a result of the massive collection of unreleased jazz titles archived by the Hans Wewerka's music publishing company (READ MORE ABOUT RELEASE HERE), features some of the best and most explorative musicians in the region during this era including Wolfgang Lauth, Hans Koller, Joe Haider, Fritz Pauer, and others. With most of the selections previously tucked away for over 40 years, the compilation helps shine a light on one of the region's most musically creative periods for jazz. I honestly couldn't recommend checking out this compilation more. Truly an eye-opening collection of previously unreleased jazz gems.

Joe Haider & His Orchestra - Hymnus for Che

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