Thursday, October 18, 2012

Joseph Jarman & Don Moye - Mama Marimba

In 1979, founding Art Ensemble Of Chicago members Joseph Jarman and Don Moye teamed up with South African bassist/pianist Johnny Dyani to record an album titled Black Paladins. This amazing recording, which was released a year later by Black Saint records, captures the trio blending together Afro-centric grooves with some explosive free moments. One of the major standout tracks on the record is the opener "Mama Marimba", which was written by Dyani. The track has very spiritual feel that features Dyani on both bass and vocals. Other great numbers include "Ode To Wilbur Ware" and the title track "Black Paladins". Overall, one of the best side project recordings to come out of the Art Ensemble camp. Enjoy!

Joseph Jarman & Don Moye feat. Johnny Dyani - Mama Marimba

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