Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gilberto Gil TONIGHT in Oakland

If your an Oakland A's fan like myself and you couldn't absolutely care-less about the World Series, a great alternative tonight in the bay would be to check out legendary Brazilian icon Gilberto Gil at Oakland's Paramount Theatre. As a founding member of Brazil’s Tropicália movement, Gil along with Caetano Veloso and Gal Costa radically reinvented Brazilian popular music in the mid-sixties. Over the years, Gil's music has gone through many evolutions and seems to constantly be experimenting with new sounds, while challenging himself with each and every record. His recent exploration into the upbeat accordion-driven forró style of music and dance, should result tonight in a captivating and energetic performance. For those in the bay area that have a true love affair for great Brazilian music, it doesn't get much better than seeing live, one of the music and culture's true legendary icons.

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Here is the left-field Brazilian gem "Maracatu Atômico". This funky track was featured on Gil's 1979 album Nightingale. Enjoy!

Gilberto Gil - Maracatu Atômico

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