Friday, July 27, 2012

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Spirits Above

I thought I would end the week with one of my personal favorite compositions from Rahsaan Roland Kirk titled, "Spirits Up Above". This jazz gem, which features a full on choir, was featured on the saxophonist's incredible 1969 record Volunteered Slavery. As the title suggests, the composition is inspired by Kirk's exploration into jazz and gospel-like spiritualism blended with a very soulful groove. The rest of the record has a number of other great tracks including "I Say a Little Prayer", "Search For The Reason Why", the title track "Volunteered Slavery" and a brilliant Coltrane Medley that includes excerpts from "Afro Blue", "Lush Life," and "Bessie's Blues". Easily one of the many great recordings from this accomplished jazz legend. Enjoy!

Rahsaan Roland Kirk* - Spirits Up Above

*This record was released prior to the saxophonist adding Rahsaan to the front of his name.

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