Friday, July 20, 2012

Clifford Jordan - Soul Fountain

From first glance, it might appear that this was something stashed away inside Jamaica's Studio One vaults back in the day with it's reggae styled artwork. However, the record actually represents one of the more soulful recordings from American jazz saxophonist Clifford Jordan. The 1970 Vortex Records release titled Soul Fountain features Jordan taking on a number of soulful compositions highlighted by his instrumental rendition of Horace Silver's funky jazz classic "Senor Blues". Other solid tracks include "TNT", "Caribbean Cruise", "HNIC", and "Retribution". Even though the recording is a bit of a departure from the saxophonists more spiritual outings that he did with Strata-East or some of his adventurous hard-bop work that he did with Blue Note, this record represents another important chapter in this iconic jazz legend's recording history. ENJOY!

Clifford Jordan - Senor Blues

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