Thursday, March 29, 2012

Charles Tolliver - On The Nile

Charles Tolliver is definitely one of my favorite trumpet players. I not only enjoy his compositions and the recordings he's been a part of, but also a major fan of the spiritual jazz label Strata-East, which he and Stanley Cowell helped launch during the early '70's. Today, I thought I would feature one of my favorite tracks from Tolliver's brilliant 1969 album The Ringer (later reissued in 1975), titled in "On The Nile" . This recording is backed by Music Inc., a group that features both Tolliver and Cowell, as well Steve Novosel (acoustic bass) and Jimmy Hopps (drums). Another great recording of "On The Nile" can also be found on Jackie MacLean's 1975 Blue Note album Jacknife. An overall amazing composition that blends Music Inc. energetic hard-bop sound with hints of Afro-centric tones and rhythms. Enjoy!

Charles Tolliver And Music Inc. - On The Nile

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