Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Webster Lewis - The Club7 Live Tapes

Some of Webster Lewis' earliest work can be found on a live recording release titled Webster Lewis In Norway: The Club7 Live Tapes. This collection of live recordings came when the keyboardist and his short-lived group at the time, The Post-Pop, Space Rock, Be-Bop, Gospel Tabernackle Chorus and Orchestra BABY!, performed a couple of dates in Norway during the summer of 1971. This nicely recorded live album marks the only material released by this group during their very short existence. The entire record has a very funky spaced-out groove throughout, which is led by the electric piano and organ playing of Lewis. The album definitely sounds like something that would have been released off a label like Strata-East or Black Jazz Records. Other musicians include Bobby Greene (alto) and Stan Strickland (tenor), along with the deep soulful vocals sung by Judd Watkins. Overall, the album is a nice look into the early days of Webster Lewis, who went on to release a number of funky soul jazz recordings.

Webster Lewis & PSBGT Chorus and Orchestra BABY! - Do You Believe

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Jo/No said...

This gargantuan track is such a stellar classic in my mind. Always puts me in such a great mood.

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