Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mary Lou Williams - Zoning

Legendary jazz pianist, composer and arranger Mary Lou Williams recorded a number of notable recordings throughout her lifetime including Zodiac Suite (1945 and then later re-released in 1975), Black Christ of the Andes (1963), Free Spirits (1976) and others. In my opinion however, the defining moment of her recording career came in 1974 when the pianist recorded the album Zoning. This record, which has a spiritual and funky rhythmic groove throughout, also features Bob Cranshaw or Milton Suggs on bass, Mickey Roker on drums and Tony Waters on congas. The record is solid from start to finish with some of the major highlights including "Olinga", "Medi II", "Gloria", "Intermission", "Rosa Mae" and others. On a personal note, this record was my first introduction to Mary Lou Williams back when I first heard the album many years ago and it certainly at the time, motivated myself into exploring many of her other works. An overall masterpiece that I highly recommend checking out!

Mary Lou Williams - Olinga

Mary Lou Williams - Medi II

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domino said...

nice! I only know of Dizzy's Olinga...this is a good version.

Nice stuff!


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