Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spiritual Jazz 3

As we begin to wind down the year and start looking at some of the best releases of 2012, I thought I would highlight one of the best compilations of the year in Spiritual Jazz 3. The third volume in a series released by Jazzman Records, this compilation builds off volume two by continuing to focus on rare spiritual jazz selections that came out of Europe during the sixties and seventies. Very similar to some of the classic compilations released by the Jazzanova team over the past decade, the record has an overall modal rhythmic feel with a heavy dose of exotic grooves, eastern-influenced instrumentation and powerful vocal harmonies. Many of the selections achieve the rare ability to be haunting, yet beautiful in their overall sound. The compilation features recordings from some of Europe's most notable jazz musicians and composers including Jef Gilson, Dusko Goykovic, Palle Mikkelborg, Albert Mangelsdorff, Jan Allen and many others. For those that enjoyed volume two, this record will definitely be a treat as it digs even deeper into the obscure archives of Europe's Spiritual jazz underground.

Palle Mikkelborg & Radiojazzgruppen - Mongolia

Hermann Gehlen - Kyrie

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