Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cookin' in the Bay

For two nights this week, beginning tonight and again tomorrow evening, The Cookers will be performing live at Oakland's Yoshi's. This incredible "super" group features a number of jazz legends including Billy Harper, Cecil McBee, George Cables, Eddie Henderson, and Billy Hart. Many of these musicians played on some of the most cutting edge and groundbreaking jazz records during the late sixties and seventies during a period that jazz was at it's most experimental time, blending together hard bop, free-jazz, funk, fusion, and a heavy sense of spiritualism. All of these elements can still be found in The Cookers, a group that successfully has been able to shed new light on a sound that gave labels like Strata-East, Black Saint, India Navigation, Tribe, Mustevic Sound and others cult like followings. Having all of these musicians on one stage together is simply unheard of these days, and is definitely an event not worth missing!

Here is one of my favorite Billy Harper led recording in "Croquet Ballet" off the mind-blowing Black Saint album. This record was released back in 1975 and actually marked the first release off of the italian label Black Saint. A classic composition from one of the leading members of The Cookers. Enjoy!

Billy Harper - Croquet Ballet

To purchase tickets to see The Cookers at Yoshi's Oakland on June 20-21, CLICK HERE.

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