Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Hannibal' Marvin Peterson - Naima

I just got back from my very relaxing vacation in New Orleans (thus the lack of updates this past week). I spent most of my time enjoying the warm weather, the tropical drinks, and some great music. I did manage to hit up a couple of record stores during my visit and successfully snatched up a number of good finds including 'Hannibal' Marvin Peterson's rare 1978 album Naima. This record features two amazing extended renditions of jazz classics "Naima" (composed by John Coltrane) and "In a Sentimental Mood" (composed by Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, & Manny Kurtz). Both tracks, even though standards, are very original in how they are approached and played. Each track has moments of both energetic free improvisation combined with more gentle calmer moments that result in a very diverse, yet brilliant recording. Peterson is joined on this album with a solid group of musicians that include Cecil McBee (bass), Kenny Barron (piano), Billy Hart (drums), and Diedre Murray (cello). Overall, one of the many great recordings from trumpeter 'Hannibal' Marvin Peterson.

'Hannibal' Marvin Peterson - In A Sentimental Mood

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andujar said...

Thanks for the tunes!
I found your sight a month or so ago and have been checking it frequently. I grew up with a lot of this music (as opposed to the 90s alterna-rock that other teenagers were into at the time).
Did you make it to Domino Sound Record Shack in NOLA?

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