Monday, September 16, 2013

Everybody Digs Bill Evans

I haven't featured many quieter pieces on this site, however this evening I'm going to make an exception since this timeless recording titled "Peace Piece" by Bill Evans has been a favorite of mine for years and a track that I have been listening to a lot recently. This calm and very meditational composition is featured on the pianist's 1958 landmark record Everybody Digs Bill Evans. The album not only featured brilliant post-bop compositions like "Minority" "Young and Foolish", "Night and Day", "Peace Piece" and others, the album was also fitted with a very unique album cover, that included quoted endorsements from jazz heavy-weights Miles Davis, George Shearing, Ahmad Jamal, and Cannonball Adderley (as shown above). Overall, a very moving and powerful effort from Evans, who was at the time, still in the early stages of being a composer and bandleader. It's true everyone might not dig Bill Evans, but in my opinion, they certainly should. Enjoy!

Bill Evans - Peace Piece

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rosseustis said...

i remember you playing this one! the opening segment sounds a lot like "flamenco sketches" off kind of blue (but this came before!). the album title here is a fitting one, given how much each of those artists (esp. miles and cannonball) incorporated from evans' style and concept, notably in the late 50s. the nod from ahmad jamal is quite significant, given ahmad was one of the true innovators of the modal sound. when bill starts playing some out color tones circa 3:40, kills me every time!

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