Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ahmad Jamal - Macanudo

With Monday's post, I highlighted Ahmad Jamal's seventies-era exploration into jazz fusion. Today, I thought I would switch gears and showcase the pianist's diversity as a musician and delve into the 1962 Latin-influenced album Macanudo. Unlike most of Jamal's recording sessions, which typically feature the pianist in a trio or quartet setting, this early sixties session on Argo Records is occupied by a larger orchestra ensemble conducted by Richard Evans. On this record, Jamal pays homage to the music roots of South America, making the addition of the Latin-inspired instrumentation provided by Evan's orchestra a very complementary factor in the session's overall sound. Highlight's include "Bogota", "Haitian Market Place", and "Belo Horizonte". In all, this early sixties recording showcases the legendary pianist branching out away from his signature sound and diving into the realm of Afro-Latin jazz.

Ahmad Jamal - Bogota

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