Monday, March 11, 2013

Kenny Barron - Swamp Demon

During the seventies, Kenny Barron recorded and released a number of classic groove-oriented jazz gems for Muse Records including Sunset To Dawn (1973), Peruvian Blue (1974) and Lucifer (1975). During this period, the pianist began to to incorporate funky Latin, African and electric fusion elements into his compositions, often recording with multiple percussionists while blending both electric and acoustic instrumentation into his music. Even though Barron, now a NEA jazz master, has gone on to write and record many albums that explore a number of areas in jazz, these early recordings for Muse continue to represent some of the pianist's best work.

Here is one of my favorite selections from Kenny Barron's 1973 Sunset To Dawn album, titled "Swamp Demon".

Kenny Barron - Swamp Demon

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