Monday, January 28, 2013

SFJAZZ Center Opens!

Once again I apologize for the lack of updates over the past couple of weeks. The grand opening of the SFJAZZ Center on Jan. 21st, followed by a full week of opening shows(including Jan. 24th's Historic Opening Night Concert) pretty much dominated all of my time last week. The good news is that the opening of the Center received tons of great press including outstanding reviews for the architecture of the building, the auditorium's acoustics and the general overall artistic approach of the organization. It's definitely a very exciting, yet busy time. With the opening week now behind me, I look forward to having more time to update this site on a more weekly basis. For those that have continue to follow this site, thanks for all the patience.

Here are some of the great reviews/quotes the SFJAZZ Center has received over the past week:

"...a glimpse of the future...This long-awaited enterprise is off to a bang-up start." — The New York Times

"…celebratory and often jaw-dropping collaborations." — San Francisco Chronicle

"…a feeling that this indeed may approximate what jazz looks like in 2013." — Los Angeles Times

"They built it, and now it is time for people who take their jazz listening seriously to come." — SF Examiner

"(SFJAZZ) has set a very high bar for preserving the jazz genre." — SF Weekly

Read the Reviews:
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SFJAZZ Center Makes a Splash on Opening Night by LA Times
SFJAZZ Concert Hall - Upbeat Opening by
West Coast gets swing at San Francisco jazz center by San Jose Mercury News
The first week of concerts at the new SFJAZZ Center by SF Examiner
SFJAZZ Center's Opening Night Concert by SF Weekly
A New Cultural Hub For San Francisco by Dwell Magazine

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