Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Johnny 'Hammond' Smith - Gambler's Life

Before Johnny 'Hammond' Smith teamed up with legendary producers Larry & Fonce Mizell to recorded the classic 1974 jazz-funk album Gears, the two parties first came together earlier that same year to record the album Gambler's Life. Even though the album collectively isn't as massive or groundbreaking as Gears, the earlier session did show a glimpse of the kind of brilliance the two entities would eventually achieve with the follow-up session. This can be found mostly true on the track "Star Borne", which has a funky groove similar to other Mizell Brothers produced tracks like Bobbi Humphrey's "Harlem River Drive" and Donald Byrd's "Lansana's Priestess". Other solid tracks from the recording include "This Year's Dream", "Virgo lady" and the funky title track "Gambler's Life". Overall, a great record that often get's over-looked due to the attention that Gears to this day still receives.

Johnny 'Hammond' Smith - Star Borne


professor Eddy said...

Great track! It's a pity that Larry & Fonce stopped recording in the 1980s.

Pat Les Stache said...

I agree. I think there sound could of really expanded during the eighties with all the technological advancements using synths and electronic instrumentation.

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