Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pat Les Stache - The Spirit Rides Again

I'm excited to announce that my new re-edit 12" on the Finland based label Kojak Giant Sounds is out now in stores worldwide! The new release features two edits with the first being "The Spirit Rides Again", which basically sounds like a 70's era B-movie raceway theme song. while the B-side, titled "Odeiyolaoo Mambo" is a funky Afro-Latin dancefloor jam. Fans of my Cabana Disco releases should definitely enjoy this record. I think DJ Mag summed up the release nicely with this statement way back in February, "Cop show style disco-funk with brass and wah-wah; backed with a monster mambo cut. Perfect for your winter pool party." On a personal note, this record features two of my favorite edits that I've laid down on vinyl. As always, there are limited copies, so get a while you can! ENJOY!

Purchase The Spirit Rides Again 12" at these record shops and others around the globe:

Juno Records
Phonica Records
Piccadilly Records
Word and Sound

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