Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Prince Lasha - Inside Story

Spiritual reed player Prince Lasha contributed to a number of amazing recordings during both the sixties and seventies. One of those recordings came in 1965 when he laid down the tracks for what was eventually, in 1981, an Enja Records released LP titled Inside Story. This amazing album featured five original compositions by Lasha including "Ethereal", "Flight", "Inside Story", "Mary", and my personal favorite "Kwadwo Safari". The recording also features a number of legendary jazz heavy-weights like Herbie Hancock, Cecil McBee, Ron Carter, Jimmy Lovelace, and others. The album blends together it's many free-jazz moments with an underlining spiritual feel and groove. Overall, Prince Lasha was one of the most forward-thinking reeds/flute players of the spiritual/ avant-garde jazz scene during the sixties and seventies and the brilliant Inside Story recording is one of the many powerful musical statements he made during that era.

Prince Lasha - Kwadwo Safari

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Jo/No said...

Gosh, you keep bringing up true goodies one by one! This one was lovely, thank you.
I wish you a happy easter!

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