Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: Black Goddess OST

Every week I will be featuring at least one review of either an album, twelve-inch single, or compilation. The record chosen to be reviewed will often also be highlighted in that week's radio show or a show that was recently recorded. The reviews will feature both new and older releases. As always, I'm open to all feedback regarding this new segment on the site.

This week I want to highlight one of the newest releases to be put out by Soundway Records. Recently the label, run by Miles Cleret, re-issued the nearly impossible to find soundtrack to Ola Balogun's legendary movie Black Goddess, which was originally released only in Nigeria and Brazil back in 1978. The entire soundtrack features some of the best and most unique Afro-jazz I've ever heard to come out of Nigeria, bringing together a mixture of heavy-hitting African percussion and funky rhythmic keyboard/guitar grooves to go alongside some soulful saxophone melodies. Some of Nigeria's most notable musicians are featured including Remi Kabaka (who composed and produced the album), Biddy Wright, saxophonist Dele Okonkwo and Mono Mono frontman Joni Haastrup. It's hard to single-out the record's highlights as the soundtrack is truly solid from start to finish. On last week's radio show I played one of my personal favorites from the record in the eight-minute spiritual jazz gem "The Quest". Once again, it's safe to say that Soundway has done us all a favor by unlocking a priceless masterpiece for all of us to finally appreciate and enjoy.

Remi Kabaka - The Quest (off the OST Black Goddess)

Click here to purchase the Black Goddess soundtrack.


Tony Poole said...

Damn, that sounds good TJ... excelente!

Anonymous said...

This Sound could go on for hours..

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